Self-Care is for Everyone by Charley Descoteaux

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I had a post all ready to go but I scrapped it. (Okay, archived it.) This is a happier post, but far less editing has gone into it so if you see anything that makes you cringe I apologize in advance.

The past few weeks have been, well, horrible. I’ll spare you the gory deets, but doctors have been and will be involved for at least the next few weeks. In times like these, when life seems to throw feces regardless of which direction I jump, it’s easy to forget about self-care.

So I’m here to remind us all that it’s important to do things that make us happy. Rest and good nutrition are necessary, but so are the little things. Maybe even things we’ve wanted to do for a long time but were hesitant or even afraid to try.


I colored my hair purple for Pride and it made me so happy I’ve kept it that way. Not as purple, but I’m making sure the peek-a-boo highlights don’t fade. So many random people have smiled at me since I’ve had my purple hair and some have even said, “I love your hair” or “Cool color” as we passed on the street or in a store. And that feels pretty great.


Self-care doesn’t have to be as bold and unconventional as a 51 year old woman walking around with purple hair. Nobody even has to know about it except you. For instance, I tried to sleep in this morning but couldn’t. However, as soon as I get tired this afternoon (if I make it that long *lol*) I’m taking a nap.


I have deadlines and emails to write and a cat and apartment that need care—but I need care too.



What do you do for self-care? We can all use a new idea (or twelve) for how to treat ourselves better. You don’t have to share one to enter the blog’s Rafflecopter, but I hope you will anyway. Bonus points for ideas that are free or under $10 (hint: book recs are welcome!).

Thanks for sticking with me!

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All photos courtesy of johnhain at Pixabay.

Author: Charley Descoteaux

Charley Descoteaux misspent a large chunk of her youth on the back of a Harley, meeting people and having adventures that sometimes pop up in her fiction. She grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area during a drought, and found her true home in the soggy Pacific Northwest. Charley has survived earthquakes, tornadoes and floods, but couldn’t make it through one day without stories.

2 thoughts on “Self-Care is for Everyone by Charley Descoteaux”

  1. Hey, Charley! Great post, good reminder. My currently favorite self-care habit is walking. The Chehalis-Western trail (formerly a rail line) runs just behind my home. It’s mostly flat and paved, and in use by lots of bicyclists, joggers, serious walkers, and families out for a stroll, but if I go early in the morning I don’t run into too many others, and the ones I do see usually smile and say hello. The trail is lined with changing scenery, some areas a wide green belt of mostly native vegetation–wild cherry, Oregon grape, and Pacific rose to name a few. Other places old second growth mixed forest, others grassy feral fields, etc. Lots of birds in the morning, this time of year! Everything about the walk sets my mind and heart at ease, and it helps me be healthier physically too! (Come up and walk with me sometime!) Thanks for the great post. (I hope your woes are better soon!)

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