Brunch At Gotham – Anne Barwell

Being a Kiwi MM author I do 99.9% of my interacting with other authors online. While there are a few MM authors who live here, we tend to live in different parts of the country.

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting another Kiwi MM author for brunch. Gillian St Kevern and I had met years ago online through fandom, and then in person when she came to Wellington to stay over for Armeggedon which is our local pop culture expo. Since then we exchanged a few emails and after she moved to Japan we lost contact for a while. Then I received an email from her telling me about this vampire book she’d read. The writing style—and the fact one of the characters was a Kiwi and into graphic novels and in particular Nightwing—reminded her of me and she thought I might like to read it. Ben’s ringtone was ‘Slice of Heaven’ which was also the name of a Kiwi fandom site we’d set up together about fifteen years ago. The book was Shades of Sepia and I’d written it.

As a fun aside and a discussion as to whether we actually shared a brain in some form – she’d also written a vampire novel with a character called Ben called Fangs and Thorns. What are the chances of that?

When she contacted me to say she’d be in Wellington for a few days for a family wedding we decided it was long past time we met up again. With both of us being huge comic book fans, and especially DC and the bat family, with a side dish of Kon aka Superboy, we naturally decided to go to brunch at a local café called Gotham.

Gillian wore her Batgirl T-shirt especially for the occasion.

We spent a lively four hours catching up, and comparing our planning notebooks—both purchased from Typo! I really enjoyed being able to talk to someone about my writing process and plans for books face to face, and I can’t wait to read the books she is planning to write. It was a wonderful experience which I’d love to be able to do more often. The staff at Gotham were great too. They were very friendly, and kept us well supplied with water and tea. We went through two bottles of water and two pots of tea, not to mention the delicious food we had for brunch.

Apart from the digression into comics, and a discussion about Tim/Robin/Red Robin and Kon/Superboy, one of the big things that came out of the morning was that we both felt strongly that we needed to do something about a regular meet for MM authors in New Zealand. Given geography and leading busy lives, we’d love to set something up online first with it hopefully leading into the opportunity to meet up in real life. Stay tuned for more on that front, and in the meantime if you are a Kiwi MM author, we’d love to hear from you.

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  1. Hey, Anne! Sounds like it was a fun and productive meet-up. I hope that plan for a regular get-together for NZ authors works out. We’re all pretty solitary, but meeting each other face-to-face from time to time can be a real boost. Thanks for the post!

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