Days of Not Wine, and Roses

As February draws to a close here in New Zealand we finally have summer. Frankly I preferred it when we had what usually passes for the season. Temperatures in the late 20Cs accompanied by high humidity are nasty especially when trying to sleep at night without air conditioning. Working in a building where we’re having issues with the windows not opening doesn’t help either.

Roll on autumn.

One thing that is nice about this time of year though is being able to dry washing outside, although it is weird looking outside today and not seeing much wind. Wellington without wind is just… wrong.

Originally I had decided to write a post about my love of stationery and notebooks in particular, but looking back I’ve already written one about that here last year as part of my blog tour for the 2nd edition of Shadowboxing, so I had to change direction.

So, what prompted my thoughts of stationery joy?

Aren’t they cool? These Typo notebooks arrived this week in my mail box from a friend who knows me well. I’m looking forward to using them to plan out more stories.

I’ve taken a few days annual leave this week. Hoping to get some writing done, although I’m half expecting edits to show up just because. I swear my publisher checks my diary and then sends edits. But *shrugs* I figure that’s what annual leave is for.

Apart from that, my garden is screaming for attention. I did manage to do a little bit of weeding in the shade last weekend, but it was still far too hot.

Nevertheless I’ve ordered more bark mulch from Zoodoo, and hopefully the weather will cooperate and give me couple of cooler evenings. I figured out a while ago that if I look at the big picture of what I don’t get done, it’s depressing as hell and harder to get started in the first place. So now I just aim for a bit here and there and do what I can, and hope it’s enough.

And try to fit in some down time or I’m doing is working and that’s a sure fire way to get sick and end up achieving nothing at all.

It’s difficult working a day job, and writing—and everything else to do with it—along with family and other commitments. I never get everything done I want to when I’m home, but only chip away at my long to do list bit by bit. Often I swear as I cross one thing off the list two more turn up to take its place.

Meantime one blog post down, a review to write, orchestra rehearsal tonight, and more fun with Marcus and Joel, my guys from The Eros Note.

I’d love to know how others manage life, the universe, and everything.

3 thoughts on “Days of Not Wine, and Roses”

  1. Love the notebooks, never get anything done either. As far as 2 things popping up to replace the 1 you complete? 2nd law of thermodynamics. The net level of disorder in the universe always increases. That’s going to be part of my next post here. 😉

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