A Bit on the Side…

Before anyone has pause for concern, this isn’t a post about extramarital affairs, but instead about my ever-expanding list of works in progress. And when certain stories keep butting in to try and derail my carefully mapped out (– ha!) writing plan.

What I am currently working on is a series of for books charting the history of the Redbourn family from my Crofton Chronicles series. Here I’m planning to write four novels, one for a different Earl of Crofton through different periods of British history (Early Stuart, Restoration, Regency, Victorian). As you can imagine, not only will these take a significant amount of time to write, there is also a lot of research to be done for each period.

So I’ve finished the first one and happy writing the second, when BOOM I get hit by a completely unrelated plot idea that won’t be quelled until I crack open a Word doc and write an extremely high-level plot outline for a paranormal rom com where an angel is planning to attend a general paranormal creature conference for continuing professional development, and the poor frazzled human conference planner who didn’t realise what he was signing up for.

Strange brain appeased, I return to the 17th century and highwaymen, only for a subplot with would be perfect for my ‘Very British’ sci fi story to barge in and I need to make sure it’s captured, and that a certain type of biscuit would be fit for purpose (yeah, don’t ask).

In reality, my brain is not one to stick to the same thing for long. When I write a contemporary it’s off pining for fantasy realms, if we are busy creating an enchanted forest then a desire to be in a historical setting with frock coats and periwigs crawls out of the woodwork… I really can’t keep my brain beast happy.

However, I think I have found a way to keep it sated. By having a bit on the side…

I’ve recently had a new mobile phone which comes with the MS Office suite, and using that and cloud storage I can write while out and about using my phone without having to whip out a notebook and type it up later. What I have now is the paranormal rom com and the historical trotting along together, and I’m surprised that instead of derailing my main writing project (the historical), it’s actually helping. Giving my brain a break from the past seems to be enough to super-charge it.

How do you handle writing? Multiple WIPs on the go? Or stories queued waiting for their chance?

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REBECCA COHEN is a Brit abroad. Having swapped the Thames for the Rhine, she has left London behind and now lives with her husband and young son in Basel, Switzerland. She can often be found with a pen in one hand and a cup of Darjeeling in the other.


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5 thoughts on “A Bit on the Side…”

  1. Fabulous post, Rebecca! Lately, I’m lucky if I’m rolling along writing anything, but one thing that I’ve done in the past, is had a notebook (yeah the kind you write in with a pen—old fashioned) with me all the time, and I would scribble out scenes or thoughts or whatever for one book, while I had another going on my computer. If something came to me for one—even if I was working on the other, I’d just write it. And yes, it helped me be more creative with both projects, rather than slowing me down. I did try to use Word on my phone to write, but typing on the phone seems like such a pain to me. I admire you for being able to pull that off! 😉

    1. I also have a new writing toy, the Moleskin Smart Writing set which I plan to take with me when off on my travels. It is an notebook and pen but is supposed to transfer the writing electronically. Maybe if i get my act together I’ll blog about it 🙂

  2. Love the post, and it’s definitely something I can relate to. I have notebooks, and I scribble down story ideas as I get them – and then all the details that scream for attention soon afterwards. I find if I’m building an outline those stories give me some peace to work on my current WIP – kind of. I like my illusions.

    Not that it sounds as though your WIPs need encouraging but I particularly like the idea of your paranormal rom com. Keep us posted! Oh, and British SF. And the Crofton Chronicles….oops, signing off now so I don’t make things worse!

    1. I always had a fear that the ideas would dry up, now I have the different situation where there are almost too many and they will have wait their turn! But I am grateful my brain is still kicking out the ideas, just wish I didn’t want to write all the stories now 😉

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