The Authors Speak Merry May Giveaway (win a Kindle™ and a bunch of books)

Hello! Lou Sylvre, happy to be here for my monthly blog. In this post, I’m all about launching our biggest giveaway yet, and I’ll get to that in a flash. First though, I want to talk a little about Authors Speak, what we do, why we love having you be part of it, and opportunities for everyone—readers and writers—to be heard right here on this platform.

Authors Speak is designed to be a different kind of writers’ blog. Yes, we do talk about our books, our genre, writing tips, and the industry. Sometimes, we just have post something because it’s fun. But other times, we have something to say about the world in a broader sense. As authors, we live in the world like everyone else, and we respond to “big issues” like elections, laws, wars, poverty, corporate greed, and hate crimes. Our lives as humans isn’t separate from our lives as writers, and sometimes we blog here on Authors Speak about how it all ties in, and what we try to do about it. In other words, Authors Speak is a place for Authors to do just what our name says—speak our minds.

Of course, speaking out is pointless if nobody is listening, so thank you to everyone who’s visited the blog. And you know what? We realize readers sometimes want to speak out too, and you can! As you know, comments are welcome and appreciated, but here’s a new offer:

Authors Speak now has a Readers Say, page! Can’t find it? That’s because it’s blank. You might be our first reader guest. If you’re interested, comment below (which also counts as an entry for the giveaway drawing), or if you’d prefer, email me at, and we’ll discuss particulars.

We’re know some who read our blog are fellow authors. If that’s you, we invite you onstage too! If you’d like a guest post in the spirit of Authors Speak, of if you have a cover reveal, new release, or other news announcement, please comment or email me. We’ll do our best to fit you in.

(Now for the really fun stuff)

Welcome to the Authors Speak Merry May Giveaway!
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17 thoughts on “The Authors Speak Merry May Giveaway (win a Kindle™ and a bunch of books)”

  1. This is a new to me blog so after posting this comment i’m going to look around 🙂 Thank you for the giveaway chance

  2. I love the idea where we get to hear from authors, but even better yet we can talk back. great idea! I signed up for the newsletter so I hopefully won’t miss anything.

  3. Readers Say page is pretty cool idea actually…roles would be somewhat reversed, and it would be great to read readers’ opinions on some matters important to MM genre or generally, and not only in form of random comments here and there, but in more elaborate manner like blog posts.

  4. Not everybody finds it easy to speak out, I generally more of a listening kind of people. It’s great there’s a forum for reader to speak and be listened to. 🙂

  5. Authors Speak is a new blog to me, but it appeals to me very much. I am looking forward to reading about all different subjects. Just subscribed to the newsletter.

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