When Do You Sleep? – Anne Barwell

Now I’ve done a few monthly blog posts I’m starting to run out of topics. If anyone has any ideas for future topics you’d like to share, I’d love to hear from you!

A big thanks to SJ Himes for today’s topic – a writer’s slice of life. I went for the title because it’s a question I often get asked, or a variation on that being ‘when do you have time to read?’

Because I work full time, as well as writing, and have family commitments, I tend to live on a fairly tight schedule or I’d get nothing done. In saying that, though, despite making plans I do need to be flexible and be prepared to throw everything I’ve planned to the wind. Family emergencies happen far too often, especially of late, and also sometimes I start my weekend and realise I need to walk away from everything I’d planned to do for a while just to keep what’s left of my state of mind.

I’d love to know how others manage their work/writing life, while ensuring they still get some time out.

I figure I’d outline a typical weekday, and then contrast with my weekend.

I work fulltime in a public library, so it’s a busy job and quite physical. I figure I’m about the only one on staff who loves working afternoons/late night and weekends! Many people shift onto weekdays and a regular 8.30 till 5pm as soon as they can. However, with trying to juggle writing—and everything attached to it—afternoons and evenings work well for me. As I don’t start work till 12.15 four days a week, it means I can set an alarm in the morning and get a couple of hours writing related work done beforehand. I usually get home around 9 onwards at night so that gives me time to check emails, post blog tour stuff, and then relax with an episode of a TV show, before reading in bed and turning my light out about midnight.

Saturdays—as we don’t open in the evenings—I work what could be termed a normal day, starting in the morning and finishing after we close at 5pm. Saturday mornings remind me why I prefer to work the hours I do. After three late nights, the early start is a bit of a shock to the system. I get emails read over breakfast and that’s about it, and by the time I get home I’m too tired to write. Most Saturday evenings are social time because of it, either classic movie night, and/or planned get-togethers with friends.

Weekends are all go. Yay for several hours of writing time, although it’s far from uninterrupted as I need to fit in all the other weekend jobs such as grocery shopping, cooking, and baking. Because I work three evenings a week I bulk cook on my weekends and freeze so I can grab a container of food to take to work for dinner. Ditto for the baking—it’s usually muffins to take to work etc. It’s sad when writing breaks are when I do my housework and the other stuff of that ilk, but that’s life.

This Week’s Baking – Blueberry Muffins

Mondays and Tuesdays are also time for any appointments, and other errands. Nevertheless I tend to multitask—despite the cats thinking my being home means they should get fed every time I shift in my chair—so on a good day I can get quite a bit done. As it’s the weekend I don’t set an alarm but I’m still at the computer by about 9.30 at the latest and checking emails over breakfast. It’s nice not to have to stop to get ready for work just as I’m getting into the writing zone though.

Graphic from http://maxpixel.freegreatpicture.com

Monday and Tuesday evenings I take off for orchestra rehearsals and SF club meetings/movie nights. I’ve set my schedule that way because otherwise I tend to work until 10pm at night, which is what happens when orchestra takes a break on Monday nights. Ditto for any Saturday/Sundays I don’t make plans to meet up with friends.

Often I write in chunks of time, as I can grab them, and it’s great to see a novel growing slowly, a bit here and there. Sometimes I find myself looking at big picture stuff, but I’ve found it doesn’t pay to do that as it tends to be daunting. I’ve written 13 books in the past 7 years so I figure my system is working more-or-less, adding in annual leave when the deadlines push back.

It’s a busy life, but on the whole, one I enjoy. However, if you find a TARDIS—preferably with a Doctor—somewhere, please let me know. The idea of going off to see different worlds and times, and arriving back before I left is very appealing. Along with a few extra hours in my day.

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