Anne Barwell – And Then What Happened?

I didn’t get as far as an Authors Speak post last month as I was knee deep in promo for my blog tour for Comes a Horseman, the third and final book of my WWII series.

Thanks again to everyone who hosted me, commented on the blog posts, and entered the rafflecopter giveaway.

So…. it’s my chance to have some time out before the next project, right?

That brilliant idea ended up lasting about a day. I started back on my huge to do pile which had been shelved because of the blog tour, and even put together a bookcase which is part of plan to declutter and sort out the house.

That evening, I got copy edits for One Word which is releasing from Dreamspinner Press in November. I figured I’d get them done within the week, and then have some time to play catch up—again. So Friday I return the edits, and Saturday evening there are edits in my inbox for my January/February release Prelude to Love.

So…. nearly done with those, and now wondering how much time I’ll have before something else with a deadline shows up. [edit – between writing this and posting it, I got proofs for One Word so there goes my week of getting other stuff done]

Meantime I’m watching TV in the evening after work is done for the day, and knitting beanies. The ones in the photo were for my granddaughters—and delivered last Saturday along with a cardy for the new baby, and one for his older brother. I have a couple more beanies to knit for friends and then a jersey for one of my daughters, so that’s going to take a while.

I’m getting a bit twitchy because of lack of actual writing, so looking forward to finally getting back to that as I have 18thC Scots lads, and dragons clamouring for attention. I’m hoping I’ll get the chance to at least finish the beta I owe, and stick to my plan to write a book review a week until I’m caught up.

I also want to start an author newsletter in time for the blog tour for One Word. I’m planning to make it quarterly so I don’t spam people, and perhaps have a short piece of free fiction in each newsletter which wouldn’t go up on my site until the following newsletter, so subscribers get it first.

So, finishing this post with a question. What do you guys like to see in newsletters, and do you have any hints for someone just starting out with one?

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