Let’s talk about Goodreads (for a chance to win books from Lou Sylvre)

Lou Sylvre Gay Romance Happy Endings Hi, Lou Sylvre here, making my September appearance on Authors Speak. September has always been for me a month of changing perspectives, and I’m going to ask you to help me change my perspective on a topic we all know and love—Goodreads.

In 2011, when I made my debut in the M/M genre with Loving Luki Vasquez, I used Goodreads a lot. I had a blog there, regularly posted, and gathered a small following. My publisher organized chat or party events for new releases and the like on that platform, and although the format could be challenging, the events were well-attended and fun, and always led to me meeting new readers and fellow authors alike. I had a group where I posted news bites, art, and things of interest, and readers joined in, also engaging in discussion and asking me questions, which I loved to answer. (I’m not sure if the group still exists, but if it does it’s been derelict for quite a while now.)

I also posted reviews of my fellow authors’ writings, letting people know that if it didn’t get at least four stars or more likely five, I wouldn’t review it. I wasn’t there as a pro reviewer, and wasn’t interested in slamming anyone or bringing them down, and just didn’t have the time and energy to invest in reviewing something I wasn’t all that thrilled about. People liked the reviews, I think, and maybe that brought me to the attention of some new readers too.

Then, in 2014, I ran into personal hard times, and basically had to cut back on all my activities for a couple years. I didn’t write as much, I didn’t publish much, I didn’t promote much. Sometime around then, my publisher also stopped setting up chat and party events on Goodreads. Long story short, Goodreads sort of fell off my radar (along with a lot of other stuff). Now I’m wondering whether I should, so to speak, reinvest.

Please tell me what you think:

  • —About blogs on Goodreads. (Do you blog there? Do you read blogs there? Have favorites?>
  • —About Goodreads groups. (Do you have an author group, or other group that you run? Do you belong to groups aside from the major ones like M/M Romance?
  • —About Goodreads author events? (Do you hold them? Do you attend events others are hosting? How often? What piques your interest to make you want to attend?)
  • —About Goodreads reviews. (Do you post reviews on Goodreads? How much attention do you give other reader reviews on that platform?
  • —Anything else you’d like to share about your Goodreads experience. (Are there other features you utilize? Things you dislike? Etc.?)

In appreciation, for each substantive answer to one of the above questions, I’ll enter your name in a drawing—win any two of my books! Answer multiple questions, get multiple entries, and I’ll keep the entries open through September 30th. (Note: I have to exclude the V&J series bundle, and my most recent book, co-written with Anne Barwell, Sunset at Pencarrow

Thanks for reading. I’ll do my best to respond to comments appropriately, and I’ll be back with a new post next month!

4 thoughts on “Let’s talk about Goodreads (for a chance to win books from Lou Sylvre)”

  1. blogs on Goodreads – I’ve linked my personal blog to Goodreads, but I don’t do any blogging specifically for Goodreads at this point.
    —Goodreads groups – I belong to a number of groups, but don’t manage any or have one for my writing. I find the Goodreads group format is clunky and difficult to navigate, otherwise, I’d participate more often.
    —About Goodreads author events? I’ve only used this feature once for a book signing at a major conference.
    —About Goodreads reviews – I try to write reviews but need to do it more frequently. I like to read reviews of my books and other authors that I love. I’ve also been adding reviews I’ve written on my blog, so since that shows on my author page at Goodreads, there is some redundancy.
    —Anything else you’d like to share about your Goodreads experience – I love the statistics. I hate the statistics. I love to see books added to people’s “To Read” list. I like to look up people who love the same books and look for new recommendations. I’ve found a number of great books and new-to-me authors that way.

  2. Hi Lou, thanks for your post. I’m a reader and using Goodreads mostly to catalogue my reading or to-read titles, following is my answers to your questions.

    ⁃ I don’t (at least I haven’t) blog on Goodreads. I did occasionally read those (blog posts) that catch my eye, though – mostly on upcoming or new release from authors.
    ⁃ I don’t run any group, only joining a few groups, such M/M Romance and a couple of M/M publisher groups. Though I confess I don’t participate on those groups often. I frequently participate on M/M Romance read to review (DBML) and Don’t Read in the Closet (DRitC) events, though now that the later no longer been held…
    ⁃ I don’t often join author event on Goodreads. I think I participated in one or two a few years back, but the time difference often make it difficult to join on all the shenanigans.
    ⁃ I post reviews on Goodreads, though I make a point not to see other’s reviews of books I haven’t read for fear of spoiler. 😉
    ⁃ Though it’s fun in small doze, .gif reviews or .gif status updates give me headache. Lol. I also stay away from too-spoilery-reviews that gave away almost scene by scene of a book.

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