The Museum of Authors Speak Posts

Don’t see any current posts here? There’s a good reason! We’ve closed up this blog in order to transform Authors Speak into a quarterly newsletter, where we’ll include articles like you see here, book and event announcements, and all sorts of other news. There will be a “reader’s corner” for readers to have their say, too, if all goes according to plan. Interested? Register on this site, and I’ll sign you up to receive our first issue! Meanwhile, feel free to have a look around Authors Speak. Think of it as a museum of author post artifacts…

Thank you for being a reader or a writer on Authors Speak blog!

Best wishes for everything new.

Lou Sylvre
Site Owner

Hi! Welcome to Authors Speak, where readers are welcome to speak back--comment if the spirit moves you. ;) No spams, no slams--them's the rules.